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The pinnacle of motion control technology. With unparalleled stability, ultra-low latency, and built-in intelligence, it is the most advanced yet user-friendly system on the market. Our included ax-studio software empowers you with unmatched performance, allowing you to unlock your full potential. Upgrade your game today!

Note: The response has been overwhelming! Due to unprecedented demand, please expect a shipment timeline of 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience and promise it's worth the wait!

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A modular slider based on connectable components, each of length 600mm. Build whatever slider size you want, assemble, and disassemble without needing Allen keys. Combine with either the high-speed drive or the high torque drive. Note: This item is in production and will ship July 10, 2023
$ 399.00
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The Ultimate Backlash-Free Pan Tilt System

Introducing the PT4, the next-generation pan tilt system that delivers precise, backlash-free movements with accuracy up to 0.01 degrees. With a weight capacity of up to 10 KG, you can rest assured that your payload will be securely supported. Say goodbye to tedious balancing procedures, as the PT4 requires no balancing. Get started quickly with a simple and straightforward setup process, so you can get straight to capturing those perfect shots. The PT4 combines advanced technology with unparalleled strength, making it the ultimate solution for your pan tilt needs.

Key Features

Experience the PT4

  • No balancing required
  • Supports payloads up to 10 KG
  • Backlash-free, 0.01 degree accurate movements
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Advanced and strong pan tilt system
  • Precise and reliable performance
  • Perfect for capturing professional-quality shots.

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  • Payload: 10KG/22LBS (unbalanced), 20KG / 44LBS (balanced)
  • Balancing: None needed
  • Accuracy: 0.01 Degrees
  • Connections: HDMI, USB-C, Ethernet
  • Material: CNC machined aluminium & stainless steel components
  • Top Speeds: 75 deg/s *with 45 deg range
  • Weight: 2.8 KG (6.1 LBS)
  • Battery Type: Dual Sony NPF
  • Size: 240 x 240 x 140 (mm) Or 9.44 x 9.45 x 5.5 (in)
  • Range of motion: Pan: Infinite & Tilt: Dependent on cable management

S2 High Speed:

  • Incline: +/- 10 deg
  • Top Speeds: 400 mm/s (2s end-end)
  • Payload: 20KG / 44LBS
  • Length: 800mm / 31.5"
  • Accuracy: 0.01 mm
  • Material: Aircraft grade aluminum & carbon fiber
  • Weight: 2.2KG/4.85LBS

S2 High Torque:

  • Incline: +/-  360 deg (works in any orientation)
  • Top Speeds: 30 mm/s (30s end-end)
  • Payload: 20KG / 44LBS
  • Length: 800mm / 31.5"
  • Accuracy: 0.01 mm
  • Material: Aircraft grade aluminum & carbon fiber
  • Weight: 2.2KG/4.85LBS

F1Z1 Tech Specs:

  • Note: Focus ring provided, adaptable to any lens
Hard carrying case for PT
x 1
Soft carrying case for slider
x 1
Cables and mounting brackets
x 1
Bluetooth Joystick
x 1
Support: Future Updates, 1h Live Updates

What people are saying

Not any usual boring slider!

It feels great, looks great and event the motors sound great! This is the most versatile rig on the market, in a landscape where everything seems so boring.

- Josh Yeo (Make Art Now)

Absolute game changer.

I do a ton of botanical time-lapse photography and the virtual production tech has made things much faster and easier! Not only is it less time in setup, but I can charge clients more as well with added VP variation shots.

Watch Testimonial

- Chris Field

This could be a game changer!

I came from using a Rhino Arc II and have to say this was a worth every penny. A’lot of features I’ve never seen before, and well built all around. Looking forward to using the dragon frame integration as well.

- Abandoned Miniatures

Love it!

Built to last, had no problem handling my URSA mini.

- Reiner S.

Perfect Fit

I was looking at a motion control rig for my work, Edelkrone seems to have too many bugs/issues and Kessler way too expensive. This was perfect and the virtual production is an adon.

- Jon H

How the magic happens



How long does it take to ship ?

Our priority is to ensure that you receive your items promptly and reliably, which is why we trust DHL Express Worldwide for shipping. Delivery times may vary depending on your location, but typically range from 3 to 6 business days. We are dedicated to providing a satisfactory shipping experience and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you.

Is software free?

With any hardware purchase you get our feature rich 'ax-studio' software which includes infinite keyframes, timelapses controls, ai tracking & much more. What this does not include is the virtual produciton plugin which is a small one time fee.

How much does shipping cost ?

Nothing, it’s on us!

Do you ship world wide ?

Yes, customs fees may vary depending on country.

What is the warranty period ?

Axibo provides a one-year warranty for all their products, which includes free coverage for replacement parts or a new product in case of damage, with a coverage limit of up to 50% of the product's value. The customer may be responsible for covering the shipping costs, and Axibo reserves the right to offer replacement parts instead of a full product replacement.

Virtual Production

Can I use any TV?

Yes, we recommend 4K OLED TVs, but creators have been finding sucess with ultra low cost led flat screens as well.

Do I need a big GPU? 

Our virtual production plugin has "pre-rendering" which means that you can render slowly on any computer then replay the scene in sync with our robot (through our software).

Estimated dispatch within 2 days and delivery within 2-4 working days
$ 2498.00