The E-JIB MINI is AXIBOs answer to high cost, unaccessible robot arms. The E-JIB is a full 6 axis motion control system with 1.8 meters of reach and movement speeds of up to 1 meter per second all carrying up to a 5kg camera system. All this at a price point under $9k.

The first prototype Is finished and we are getting ready for production. But before we jump in the deep-end we need your help.

What’s the ask? Support us and tell us your interested in the E-JIB and be a part of its journey to becoming the number one tool for robotic cinema shooting.

Shipping October 2023

  1. Access to a private discord channel where you can chat with the creators and get live updates on development.
  2. Priority shipment when product is live.
  3. Fully refundable, period. No matter where or when all you have to do is ask and get your full reservation fee returned.
  4. Become part of the legacy we know the E-JIb will create.
*Pay $1000 to reserve one
Questions? Reach us on Instagram or reach out to Reiner directly at contact@axibo.com

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