We're AXIBO!

AXIBO was started spontaneously by Anoop Gadhrri, Reiner Schmidt, and Sohaib Al-Emara during the long summer days of 2018 while they were engineering undergraduates at McMaster University in Canada. They wanted to automate their filming process but realized there was nothing on the market that did exactly what they want - and so they sought out to create their own solution. Through persistance, iterations, and sleepless nights, the first version of AXIBO's PTU and Slider was launched on Kickstarter.

Since then, AXIBO has grown. We have units and customers all around the world and have branched into various industries beyond our initial expectations. Although our office has moved out of Reiner's garage, the core spirit of AXIBO has grown ever stronger. Our team is passionate about bringing new advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence to make automation in film accessible. We love to tackle interesting problems, having combined variety of experiences in autonomous vehicles, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and robotics. More importantly, we strive to keep our community closely involved with our design choices. Although we're the relatively new guys on the block, we're paving the trail for film automation.