About Us

AXIBO was created through our mutual passion for robotics and the cinematic arts. We knew that we could bring new advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence and motor controls to make the best camera motion system the world has seen. The result of this is what you see now. AXIBO is smart - really, really smart. Backed by an integrated AI processing unit, AXIBO learns, adapts, listens, and much more. We designed AXIBO with stability, accuracy, and noise reduction in mind, keeping our community closely involved with our design choices.

Our first two months as a team was not spent on development, but on feedback from current users of similar related products. Call after call, survey after survey, we nailed down exactly what was needed for AXIBO to be a truly viable and helpful system. We took these design requirements and went right to work!

Got a burning question you just need to ask?

Email: contact@axibo.com
Telephone: (289) 236-6031